Administrative Goal:

To improve our response to the Call to Stewardship by effectively managing, maintaining and sharing our resources for the glory of God.

“Everything is from you, and we only give to you what we have received from you.” 1 Chron. 29:14

1. Promote good stewardship by continuing to engage in open and responsible Pastoral Council and Parish Finance Council meetings, policies and practices, including annual planning and budgeting activities.
2. Plan for the future growth of the parish.
3. Develop a stewardship model of time, talent and treasure for parish giving.
4. Establish a development plan for the St. Joseph Cemetery that includes an update of records, a perpetual care program and a promotional program.
5. Conduct an annual comprehensive assessment of maintenance needs and a plan to address them.
6. Review and revise, as needed, the Parish Directory.



  • Pastoral Council - R. Rampone
  • Parish Finance Council - R. Meek
  • Business Mgr. - R. Meek
  • Clerical Office & Records Coor. - J. Smith
  • Finance Office Coor. - E. Yott
  • Offertory Collection Counters Coor. - E. Yott, J. Gomez
  • Facilities & Grounds Maintenance - D. Yott
  • Cemetery Supervision - J. Smith
  • Housekeeping Coor. (Church, Hall, Rectory) - E. McCreary
  • Parish Bulletin & Communications - S. Harris, M. Cruz
  • Facebook - A. Fields
  • Parish Hall Management (Reservation & usage of hall, equipment & supplies; general oversight of hall)- E. McCreary
  • Fundraising Oversight Cmte. - Chair J. Woods


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